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Name the PMHA Mascot!



PMHA will be hosting a contest with all players in the association to help us find a name for our new found friend.  The PMHA Mascot will be revealed during PMHA Day at our association’s banquet.  We will have entry forms available at the banquet for kids to submit a name that best suits our new mascot.  Please encourage your children to get involved and support an initiative that is intended to help make the game fun! See the picture below and get creative!

 Porcupine PMHA design 1


PMHA Notices

PMHA DAY April 5th, 2014

PMHA is pleased to host PMHA day on April 5, 2014 at the Legion Hall in South Porcupine.  Here are the details.

PMHA Banquet

  • The Timbit banquet will be from 11:30 to 12:30 – pizza will be provided and Esso Medals of Achievements awarded.
  • All other PMHA teams are asked to attend from 1:00 – 3:00 – pizza and Esso Medal of Achievements will be awarded.
  • We ask all PMHA players and coaches to wear their PMHA attire to the banquet.
  • The PMHA Mascot will be revealed at Banquet!

PMHA Hockey Dance

  • The PMHA Hockey Dance will be held the same night at the Legion.  Tickets will be $10/each.  The dance starts at 8:00PM till 2:00AM.
  • The dance will have a hockey theme so we ask all to get into the evening and come dressed in their best hockey outfit.  Prizes will be awarded for best hockey outfits!  
  • Tickets will be available shortly – stay tuned!
PMHA Notices

2014 Shooting Program

Do you want to improve your shooting skills? Do you want to win an NHL Jersey and a Free PMHA Hockey Registration for the 2014-2015 Season?  Enter the 2014 Shooting Program Contest!  Visit our 2014 Shooting Program section for more information.